Accelerate your transformation project

We believe SAP projects can be delivered in a timely manner, under cost controlled circumstances without compromising governance and control.

Using our delivery accelerators, our target is a six-month delivery of benefits. Hard work, fast-paced and great fun!

Are you ready to RunFast?
“It is not the strongest of a species that survives; but those that best adapt to a changing environment” Neil How, Limelight Consulting

Complete our readiness scorecard and score yourself on:


Success is in the planning and preparation. How well prepared are you to run an accelerated SAP project?


Running a project as you have always done will result in the same outcome. What do you need to reorganise in order to deliver an accelerated project?


An accelerated project needs a laser focus on outcomes. How focused are you on the outcomes of your project vs the outputs?


The mindset of your team is critical. How will you cultivate a winning mindset to deliver an accelerated SAP project?


The right team is everything when it comes to an accelerated project. Have you put together a team capable of delivery excellence?


Once an accelerated project is underway the tempo needs to be maintained. Do you have tools in place to ensure this?

Use the scorecard to review, understand and change your delivery for the better

The online scorecard takes less than 5-minutes to complete and your free report will arrive by email instantly.

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